Choose your Altitude

Running a successful business is both exciting and frustrating. Let’s ramp up the excitement proportion by collaborating with you.

Our Values


We accept that no-one has all the answers, not even us. We not only respect and acknowledge the strengths of others, but we rely upon them.


We believe in being accountable to yourself and others, accepting personal responsibility for our actions and outcomes. This includes being trustworthy, reliable, prepared and professional.


We favour progress above perfection and believe in life-long learning. Kaizen is a principle, which simply means that big results come from many small changes accumulated over time.


Innovative companies collaborate at four times the rate of non-innovative companies (ref: ABS 2014-15)

About us

MAP is an acronym for Mentoring Advisory Panels. The MAP Institute provides collaborative advisory panels for business leaders. Our members meet monthly to review and solve challenges in their business journey, keeping each other accountable to achieve their goals. Each panel is facilitated by an experienced chair who has accumulated a wealth of business experience through their own journey.

The MAP Institute seeks to instil micro-innovation into their members’ businesses from experienced, proven business leaders who have secured their status by running successful businesses. All of our chairs need to meet stringent standards of competency and are rated by the members of their Panels (MAPs) for ongoing accreditation.



Strategic focus on a specific core business element is an anchor activity of every MAP Institute meeting. All critical business processes are under constant review for innovative improvement.