Small Business Month – Fully funded Scholarships

Scholarship positions (at no cost) are currently available for Small Business Month for our small business leader mentoring program.

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MAP Institute

The MAP Institute provides collaborative mentoring advisory panels for business leaders.  MAP is an acronym for Mentoring Advisory Panel.

Our members meet online monthly to discuss and solve challenges in their business journey, keeping each other accountable to achieve their goals.  Each panel is facilitated by an experienced chair who has accumulated a wealth of business acumen through their own journey.

MJ CerveraFounder & Director, Paper Phoenix
As discussed over the phone, Omar is the loveliest and one of the smartest most personable business men I know. His reputation in helping people succeed in their business with his company MAP Institute is unprecedented.
Adam LysleSenior Manager, OBP
What I take away is consistency; years of continual standards of high credibility and confidence.
Daniel BlighManaging Director, Elevate Property Group
Thank you for introducing me to MAP and subsequent behaviours, reading material & ‘accountability’ practices. These principles are being used daily & weekly and I’m reading much more as well (and less idiot box!). I purchased over 12 books for the next 12 months to go through and am more than motivated to continually improve. I just wanted to say thanks and I’m always happy to recommend your services.
David CrottyCEO, Intergy
This session was a mindset shift in sales. The focus on continuous improvement concepts and systemisation (in order to grow) along with group accountability and innovation is definitely something I would like to learn more about.
Peter MayCEO, CBD Sydney Chamber of Commerce
Ari did an excellent job at presenting some new ways of thinking, well done.
Maria SanchezEnergy Conservation
A huge thank you for the invite, great workshop and super valuable tips and sales strategies to put in practice immediately.
Lana BlazeskaDirector, Spotlight Financials Australia
Thanks for inviting me to the workshop today, it was amazing. The knowledge I acquired today is something you cannot even compare to the paid workshops I have been to before.
Jennifer KuszDirector of Operations, KUSCH Consulting Engineers
We were introduced to the MAP Institute 2 years ago. They helped us establish clear targets, culture, structure & accountability across the organisation. We now benefit from a highly effective team of 15, with a collective employee satisfaction rating of 9/10. We have met and exceeded financial targets and are continuing to build a resilient and thriving business. Without the clear pathway and guidance provided by the MAP Institute, I don’t believe we would have achieved this level of success as rapidly. I highly recommend the MAP Institute to any small to medium sized business seeking a clear path for growth and stability.
Alan LeechFounder & CEO, CRMAus
I have enjoyed MAP immensely and gained valuable insight from my peers, and the chair. The practices I have learnt have been valuable, and I hope some of these have turned into habits. I feel that I have grown through my time with MAP, and I am better for the opportunities which MAP has provided.
Sally McManusACTU secretary
The most crucial lesson to emerge from the [Covid-19] pandemic response has been that the only way to navigate these difficult days is together.
African Proverb
If you want to go fast, go alone.If you want to go far, go together.

Mentoring, not coaching

Coaching is a common form of development in which a coach supports a client in achieving specific goals, tasks or objectives.  Think of a traditional athletic coach engaged to assist a swimmer to compete at the Olympic Games.  This differentiates itself from mentoring in that mentoring isn’t individually task focused, but rather enhances one’s acumen through general holistic development.  Think of a successful property magnate sharing their insights into how to read and identify potential investments.

Mentoring is a relationship between someone with vast experience (who is willing to transparently share their acumen) and the mentee (who is eager to learn). The mentoring process includes sharing knowledge, experience, networks and social capital.  In doing so, the mentor provides support relevant to the professional development of the mentee.  As opposed to discrete outcomes in the coaching environment, mentoring aims to provide holistic development, imbuing wisdom so that the mentee is not dependent on the mentor to achieve success, but rather is elevated to appropriately apply abstract solutions to specific challenges.  Over the course of time, the mentee develops a higher level of intuition.  They become equipped to solve complex issues, but are unable to accredit an exact point in time or piece of knowledge which had led them to gain the required wisdom to solve the challenge.

Alliance Partners

The MAP Institute works closely with our partners in supporting leaders navigate their path on their professional business journey.

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