Why Stress is Terrible for Problem Solving

Got a challenging problem that’s causing you stress and preventing you from working to the best of your abilities? Then take a lie down! While lying down on the job might sound like the worst thing you could do when you have a problem, it’s actually one of the very best options of all. Let’s take a

Patience and Your Business Reputation

One of the biggest assets your business has is its reputation. A good reputation takes time and patience to build. It won’t come overnight, but it will grow with each positive customer transaction. Take the time to do things right and always keep your customer in mind with everything you do. Set Expectations and Meet Them Start

Believe in the Business of Your Dreams

What is stopping you from believing in the business of your dreams? Insecurity? Fear? Lack of confidence? All of the above? How can you overcome these obstructions? Your Mantras You may be wondering if you have the necessary skills, time, connections, and a million other things in order to create the business of your dreams. You have

Choose your Altitude

Running a successful business is both exciting and frustrating. Let’s ramp up the excitement proportion by collaborating with you.

What we do

Take Stock

We take a look at your style and your organisation. We need to know how you tick. Your panel will want to help you build a quality team.

Get Systematic

Systems ensure predictability. Systemising your processes perpetuates the ability to delegate, recruit and grow. We review your systems to ensure they aren't holding you back.

Expand Your Network

Panels are limited to 12 members. Our panel community is unlimited. Connecting with other panel members is an opportunity we will encourage and facilitate.

Set the Framework

We establish a framework for assessing your business. It's market, operations, financial risk and people risk. We want to expand your insights into objectively assessing your business potential.

Experienced Facilitators

The role of a facilitator is to bring their experience to bear in allowing constructive discussion whilst avoiding traps. They are selected based on experience and member feedback.

Global Connections

Our alliance with BNI, the largest referral group in the world, ensures you have introductions available to connections in 71 Countries should your business have opportunities outside of your City.

Your Team

You are the business leader. Your team deliver your vision. We take a look at your team strategy, development and potential to drive expansion and independence.

Your Panel

Panels are filled with the closest alignment possible between business size, maturity and complexity. Competitors are not permitted on the same panel. Members have input on their panel composition.

National Connections

Our alliance with the American Chamber of Commerce provides ongoing exposure to weekly events and an influential network which spans Australia and the USA.


Understand where you excel as a leader of your own company. Learn to build a team to complement your leadership style.

Get to know your strengths as a company leader – identify where there may be gaps in your leadership, which if filled, can take you to another level in your business.

Running business is not an easy task. However if you have a strong desire for business and time to improve yourself, and open to taking on the experience of your peers, the journey can be simplified and success accelerated. Bob Greenup, CEO of MAP Institute, with over 40 years of successful business management, will reveal some of the dominant features of a modern business leader and give you some important advice on running your own business.

What role does support play in the successful running of a business and how can other business leaders help me?

In the world of business there are strict rules that every businessman should know and follow. They are vital for all kinds of businesses both small and big. Though it may seem quite tricky to play the business game successfully, following these rules impacts on your employees, your clients, your suppliers, your financiers and you family. In this article we will cover the benefits of using other peoples experiences to avoid their mistakes, or optimise solutions to problems in your own business.


Success in running your business means different things to different people. For some it’s retirement … an exit strategy. For others it’s a fulfilling experience in the pursuit of their passion. For many it can be creating a workplace where employees are attracted and want to contribute. We explore the meaning of ‘success’ and, regardless of your definition, our programmes are flexibly oriented to ensure your success is our priority.



Strategic focus on a specific core business element is an anchor activity of every Mindshare Advisory Panel (MAP) meeting. Vision, Clients, Systems, Finance and Process are under constant review.

About us

MAP Institute is a business advisory company with over 60 years of business experience. We engage experienced, proven business people who have secured their status by running successful businesses.

All of our facilitators have to meet stringent standards of competency and are rated by the members of their Mindshare Advisory Panels (MAPs) in real time for ongoing accreditation.