our guarantee

Month by month Guarantee

Pay by the month and leave at any time without penalty.

The journey of an entrepreneur is one of unexpected challenges. Business circumstances and life can take unexpected turns and most things are completely out of your control. With the exception of birthdays and anniversaries, no-one likes surprises. You may make plans, have accurate forecasts and sound strategy, then COVID hits and your world changes.

We understand the challenges of small business and the entrepreneurs journey. This is why when you join the MAP Institute, we do not lock you in to any committed contract term. Pay by the month for the month and leave at any time (with 30 days email notice) without penalty.

We also understand that if MAP doesn’t deliver the value you deserve, then we don’t expect you to stay and won’t penalise you for leaving.

Part-pay Guarantee

We’ll credit an invoice in part or full if you don’t receive value.

At the MAP Institute we believe that you should not have to pay for unsatisfactory service. We aim to offer every member value and benefit every time they attend one of our Mentoring Advisory Panels (MAPs). Understanding the mindset of a small business owner and a consumer, no-one enjoys paying for something that doesn’t provide value.

Every member of the MAP institute is given the opportunity to part-pay an invoice once per calendar year.  This is provided in the form of a credit (in whole or part) from their monthly membership fee.

If you experience an underwhelming meeting with no value to you, email us within 24 hours of attending the full session and explain why you don’t feel that you received adequate value from your investment and tell us how much of that month’s fee you are willing to pay. The remainder will be credited to your next month’s invoice. The proviso is that you tell us why you didn’t get value and what you expect should change in the future to improve our service (within the scope of our service range of course).

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