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Experience is a Team Sport!

The past 200 years have seen the birth of a new breed … the entrepreneur! The past few decades has seen this ‘species’ explode in popularity in western cultures as the depth of business knowledge and experience spread from the days of those ambitious, creative and brave entrepreneurial pioneers.

Unfortunately we see success all around us, and you could be forgiven for thinking that all you had to do was register a business name, and the money would just start ‘rolling in’! When it comes to business failures very few failed business people have the courage to share their story to avoid embarrassment and humiliation. It is a fact that 80% of businesses fail in their first 5 years.

With all the knowledge available you have to ask “WHY”! It is because entrepreneurs, by definition, are independent, strong-willed and reluctant to take advice from others. By creating communities of business people we know that the combined knowledge and experience in an Advisory Panel of up to 12 business people can pool over 100 years of business experience, at your fingertips.

Knowledge is Power!

There has been no time in the history of the human race when there was more knowledge and experience available to us. Apart from a small number of innovative inventor business types, the vast majority of entrepreneurs are producing a product or service that already exists in the marketplace – someone else has done the cutting edge or, as we like to call it, the “bleeding edge” work.

You don’t have to re-invent how to run a successful business in over 90% of business models. The knowledge is around you. The problem is access, at the right time. We can help solve that for you!


Define Your Success

Plan your future, 5 years out, 1 year out and then 90 days out. Success comes in small steps, with discipline and focus. Having accountability partners working with you in your Panel you will each motivate, inspire and support your 90 day 'steps', every month!

Commit to Being Active

Joining a gym and looking at the equipment won't make you fit! To be part of an Advisory Panel you must participate in striving to meet your commitments, but also committing yourself to investing in your colleagues. Without the community participation component you will not be an active Panel member and will fail to succeed and affect the success of others.

Be Accountable

Panel members make a commitment to each other ... 80% attendance and sharing insights into specific elements of their business systems each month. Reciprocating your time, experience and skills is part of the formula for successful Panels which enables innovation across industries. Be prepared to be held accountable for your contribution.


International Business Connections

A Global Network of Resources

In an alliance with both BNI® globally, Alliance partners and local Chambers of Commerce we have access to business connections on a global scale. If you want to push forward to overseas markets we can help you reach out to people in whom we have high levels of confidence and accountability.

These local connections to global influence can open doors and opportunities for you that may have stifled your vision in the past. With our team on your side, we want you to reach your potential and if that means a new global Australian entrepreneur, we would be delighted to assist.