our team

Success is rarely achieved on your own. Successful people know the benefits of surrounding themselves with a diverse team who each excel in their area of expertise. Collectively, they provide a balanced perspective on complex problem solving and provide insights into strategic thinking.

Regularly surrounding yourself with like-minded positive entrepreneurs, professionally facilitated by one of our chairs, exposes you to the wisdom of potentially 100 years of modern business acumen.

Do you maintain every aspect of your car? Do you simply want to just manage to arrive at a destination? Or do you see yourself pushing yourself and a performance vehicle to the best it possibly can be?

Navigating your business journey with the MAP Institute is like being in the cockpit of a Formula 1 race car. You are the driver, and this is your pit crew.

Tulsi van de Graaff

Tulsi is a former lawyer with a psychology, mediation, coaching, investigation and counselling background.  Her superpower is resolving communication and conflict challenges, developing staff, teams and leaders and enhancing workplace cultures. She excels in building a positive performance culture for business leaders.

Omar Afiouni BSc MAICD
Chief Strategy Officer

Omar brings governance and advisory to a range of businesses, both in the startup phase and to more mature businesses along the entrepreneurial business journey. He adds value through strong corporate governance, financial literacy, understanding of operational issues and linkages between risk management and strategic execution.

David Marston

With over 40 years experience in the automotive mechanical field, David is a Governing Councillor of the Motor Traders Association of NSW and National Chair of the Australian Automobile Repairers Association. He is regularly an expert witness for Australian Courts in automotive matters.

David's background has produced a comprehensive knowledge of business structures from sole traders, through partnerships to larger companies. 

Rob Tunchon

Rob has 30+ years consulting and executive experience in collaborating with a wide range of prominent educational, sporting and industry groups throughout Australia to assist them in developing and maximising their corporate relations, marketing, public relations, sponsorship, fundraising, venue and management functions.

He holds a Masters and Bachelors Degree in Education and Post Graduate qualifications in Leadership and Employee Relations.

Adam Lysle
Adam provides Insolvency, Turnaround, Business Recovery and Forensic advisory services and has delivered these all across Australia. Adam also provides services for property disputes. 
His goal is to help people get through their issues and produce a stronger and more robust and resiliant business. Adam measures his success on your outcome.
Robert Hossary

Robert has been involved in Australian and international businesses for over two decades. For 7 years, he was the General Manager NSW/ACT for the American Chamber of Commerce. Robert has a diverse industry background, technology, transport, fashion and healthcare..