Member Benefits

Being a member of the MAP community provides a range of benefits on multiple levels.  Some of these are listed below.

the MAP journey

Travelling your business journey with the MAP Institute avails you to these opportunities:

☑ Monthly virtual formal one (1) x hour MAP meetings.

☑ Monthly informal one (1) x hour check ins.

☑ MAP Navigator online software platform to manage strategic planning, KPI definition and tracking, market identification and analysis, identifying your proven process, risk management and mitigation, cash flow budgeting, resilience and psychological safety, intellectual property, operations/delivery and stakeholder engagement;

☑ Invitations to in-person physical events (COVID Safety permitting) – including luncheons, keynote presentations from captains of industry and networking events (some of which may incur additional costs).

☑ Annual agenda of core business topics.

☑ Access to a diversity of mentors, the Chairs of MAP.

business benefits

MAP members value mentoring on their business journey.  Most of our business leaders are aspirational for growth, whilst some are working towards an exit.  Wherever you are on the entrepreneurial journey, MAP can benefit your business in a number of ways.

Commercial consistency – Whether charting revenue, production levels or risk, peaks and troughs are usually where the challenges emerge.  Flattening any curve, to provide a consistent and stable business helps with strengthening the robustness and stability of business.  No-one likes surprises.

Overcome roadblocks – Sometimes it’s easier to solve other’s challenges, than it is your own.  Through MAPs collective mentoring, we provide a diverse range of perspectives to help you find creative solutions to difficult challenges.

Invoke the power of kaizen – Regularly implement small enhancements over time, resulting in big outcomes.

Set and monitoring goals – What gets measured usually improves.  We closely monitor your progress to achieving the goals and targets that you set and assist in defining appropriate, realistic goals within your business.

Innovate – The business landscape is constantly shifting.  In order to stay relevant and competitive one must continue to evolve.  Regardless of your industry, regular ongoing feedback from a collaborative group of business leaders helps you stay innovative.

Economic empowerment – Taking dedicated time to focus on your business growth with others of a similar mindset, empowers you to identify new markets and opportunities for growing your existing or developing additional revenue streams.

Exposure – The best businesses and products are pointless if no-one knows about them.  MAP opens doors and from time to time provides marketing opportunities and exposure through our alliance partners of corporates, government (local and state), chambers of commerce and special interest business groups.  MAP has provided its members with keynote speaking opportunities, co-branded events and spotlighting its members to other organisations and networks.

Enhanced certainty – Realise that even though most things are outside of your control, through mitigating risks and implementing robust processes, you can improve the certainty of future operations or at least improve foresight of what is lying ahead.

Holistic alignment – Implement internal strategies which permeates to every member of your organisation in order to reduce friction and create alignment with all stakeholders,  whether they be staff, clients, suppliers, executives, directors or investors/owners.

MAP Navigator – sophisticated and simple proprietary online portal with pragmatic tools & resources for monitoring progress, KPIs and strategy all in the same consolidated and integrated solution.

subject matter

Just like a formal board of directors, the MAP Institute has an annual calendar of agenda items which it covers every year. The subject matter includes what is critically important for successful entrepreneurship.

Small business is very dynamic and the MAP Institute adjusts continuously to the ever changing challenges that small business leaders face. The Chairs of MAP and our extended network of trusted associates are there to support you in what you need most. For this reason, we maintain a level of fluidity on the content and timing of each meeting’s agenda.

Interwoven with every agenda, we focus on three core fundamentals:

  1. Business continuity
  2. Workforce retention – including staff, contractors, suppliers and stakeholders.
  3. Crisis management & recovery

Based on these three fundamentals above, our subject matter creates a strong frabric for robust and consistent business operations. Topics covered throughout the year include:

  • Growth Strategy
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Financial ratios & monitoring
  • Structuring & stakeholders
  • People & Resources
  • Cash flow management
  • Tax optimisation and funding / capital raising
  • Marketing, alliance partnerships and referrals
  • Resilience and mental well-being
  • Operational management, processes and procedures
  • Goals, process and pragmatic improvement/refinement methodologies
  • Crisis managment

personal benefits

In addition to direct business benefits, the MAP experience is designed to accelerate your professional development through:

Mentoring – Learn from others so you don’t have to repeat their mistakes.  The value of mentoring support from successful captains of industry when you need them cannot be overstated enough.

Reflection – Gain quiet focus on the urgent-important issues and block out the noisy clutter which distracts business owners from achieving clarity on the shortest path between them and realising their vision.

Leadership development – Learn from others on the characteristics of what true leadership means, it is much more than a title on a business card.

Enriched business acumen – Draw upon the accumulated wisdom of over 80^ years of accumulated business experience from each collective Mentoring Advisory Panel (MAP).

Wise intuition – Intuition is normally thought of as nebulous and instinctive, but it can actually be formally defined and have a process for development.  MAP understands this and threads this process into its annual calendar of content.  Invest in yourself now to yield positive results later.

☑ Increased accountability – Acknowledge that you deliver more when you are being held accountable, especially when it is by people who are expecting specific, timely results, whilst also being empathetic to the billion things flying around in your head and the 2 km long to-do lists.

Better decision making – Make better decisions, quicker by asking and being asked questions that forces you to operate in a mode of critical thinking.

Confidence – Over time, prove to yourself that with the right support and mechanisms in place, you are able to move forward to grow with confidence and boldness.

Community – Develop relationships with a community of positive, empathetic leaders in which not only benefits yourself, but also fosters an environment where your contribution is valued and appreciated, providing you with a sense of belonging.

Support – Emotional support through empathy, positivity and enthusiasm is much healthier than that of doubt, negativity and criticism.  Permit yourself to be in a healthy environment rather than a toxic one.

Connection – Expanded network of support from experienced and diverse business operators.

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^ On average, our MAPs (Mentoring Advisory Panels) include 87 years of accumulated experience in operating businesses amongst the members of the panel. (figures are calculated as of Dec. 2020).

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