Outsourced (Fractional) Executives

What is an outsourced executive?

Outsourced (also known as fractional or interim) executives are professionals who operate temporarily or on a part-time basis. They manage the day-to-day operations and strategic direction of a company and work with a company’s leadership team and board of directors to set goals, develop and implement business strategies, and ensure that the company is meeting its financial and operational targets.

The MAP Institute’s fractional executives bring a wealth of experience and expertise to your organisation to provide valuable guidance and support.

Who is this for?

  • Startups – provide mentoring and holistic oversight of establishment and go to market strategies, execution and operations.
  • Small business – those that do not have the resources or need for a full-time executive.
  • Medium businesses – potentially in transition or facing specific challenges.

    What role do we fulfil?

    Our fractional executives can supplement, complement or undertake any of the following roles and/or blend of roles:

    • CEO – Chief Executive officer
    • CSO – Chief strategy officer
    • COO – Chief operating officer
    • CFO – Chief financial officer
    • CMO – Chief marketing officer

    What responsibilities and duties do we undertake?

    Responsibilities and duties can vary depending on the needs of the company. Some common responsibilities include:

    • Setting and communicating the company’s strategic vision and goals
    • Developing and implementing business plans and strategies
    • Managing the company’s financial performance and budgeting
    • Leading and managing the company’s team of employees
    • Building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders, such as customers, partners, and investors
    • Providing guidance and support to the company’s leadership team and board of directors.

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