Mentornet (VAB)

Our Virtual Advisory Board (VAB) is a group of experts who provide advice and guidance to your organisation remotely via email. Our VAB is typically focused on providing strategic guidance and industry expertise and is customised to suit your needs. They are available on-demand both individually or collectively and don’t require a fixed schedule of meetings.

Your selected team of mentors will add the following to your organisation:

Expertise and experience

Provide valuable expertise and experience to help your business grow and develop. We offer guidance and support in areas such as strategic planning, marketing, sales, and operations.

Increased accountability

Having a team of mentors can help increase accountability and ensure that you stay on track with your goals and objectives. They can provide regular check-ins and help you stay focused and motivated.

Personal development

Working with mentors can also be beneficial for your personal development as a business leader. They can help you develop new skills and knowledge, and provide guidance and support as you grow and evolve as a leader.

Fresh perspectives

Mentors provide fresh perspectives and help you see your business from a different angle. This can be particularly useful when you’re facing challenges or trying to make important decisions.

Networking opportunities

Provide access to their networks and connections, which can be beneficial for your business. This could include introductions to potential clients, partners, or investors.

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