Wisdomists (VAB)

Our Virtual Advisory Board (VAB) is a group of experts who provide advice and guidance to your organisation remotely via email. Our VAB is typically focused on providing strategic guidance and industry expertise and is customised to suit your needs. They are available on-demand both individually or collectively and don’t require a fixed schedule of meetings.

Your selected team of mentors will add the following to your organisation:

Strategic guidance

Help your business develop a long-term vision and plan. We help identify opportunities and challenges, and provide guidance on how to navigate them.

Leadership development

Mentor and provide guidance on leadership development for you and your team.

Decision-making support

Valuable input and support when it comes to making important business decisions. They can help you evaluate risks and opportunities, and provide guidance on the best course of action.

Industry expertise

Expertise in their respective fields to assist you to enter new markets or expand into new areas.

Networking opportunities

Extensive networks and connections for businesses looking to make new connections and partnerships.

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